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03 июн 2023, 10:54
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Тема: package libshaderc-devel for el8 not found
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package libshaderc-devel for el8 not found

hi raven i wish i could compile ffmpeg 6.0 on el8 but one of the compilation dependencies is pkgconfig(shaderc) or if you prefer libshaderc-devel according to pkgs[DOT]org the package was present on your repository even though he cannot be found on it rhel[DOT]pkgs[DOT]org/8/raven-extras-x86_64/libs...
03 июн 2023, 03:51
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Тема: EL8 packages repository
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EL8 packages repository

ok but instead of making an extra deposit if there are packages that update system packages

Why didn't you compile them in scl instead?


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